Prof. Antonio Musarò is teacher and coordinator of the course of

Histology and Emryology at Medical School

(Info about the course at: http://istologia-embriologia-cdlb.jimdo.com/) and of

Cell Biotechnology at Medical Biotechnology School

(Info about the course at: http://istologia-embriologia-cdlb.jimdo.com/info-corso-di-biotecnologie-cellulari/)

Histology at Nursing school

(Info about the course at: http://istologia-embriologia-cdlb.jimdo.com/info-corso-infermieristica-cassino/)

Histology at Medical Radiology Techniques (info about the course at: https://istologia-embriologia-cdlb.jimdo.com/corso-tecniche-di-radiologia-med/)